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Mountain Hearts E-Book Bundle

Mountain Hearts E-Book Bundle

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Dive into a small town in the Colorado mountains and experience the stories of Robin, Evelyn, and Grace as they struggle through hardship to find their happily ever afters.


Ebook format, 3 ebooks in one file delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device including Kindle.


My Forever

Can they change each other’s hearts?

In the mountains of Colorado, love finds a way for the most unlikely of people.

Robin isn’t interested in another relationship, so when handsome, arrogant ER doctor, Anthony, shows up, she wants nothing to do with him. But as circumstance throws them together and their relationship deepens, she grapples with the yearning of her heart.

Anthony has one goal; return to New York as quickly as possible. But when he teams up with independent veterinarian, Robin, and gets involved with the close-knit community, he begins to wonder if his happiness doesn’t rest back in New York.

When they find themselves racing to find a murderer and save everyone from a tragic event, can Robin and Anthony get past their differences and come to terms with what their hearts want?


Love at Last

She wants to trust again. He needs a mended heart. Can they overcome the trials in front of them, for love?

Evelyn has had enough. It’s time for a fresh start with her two sons in the mountains. Here, she hopes to find perspective and new life for herself, and her sons. But she holds a secret, and as the consequences of her choices begin to haunt her, the only one she can trust is her neighbor, Luke.

After a betrayal close to him, Luke wants people to leave him alone to enjoy nature in peace. When he meets two young boys and their protective mother, he knows his plans are going to be put on the back burner, because he would do anything to protect them from the secrets the beautiful and evasive Evelyn holds.

As the past comes back to haunt them both, can Evelyn and Luke let down their guard long enough to find love and safety in each other’s arms?


Winter Wishes

He's come to destroy her life. She's determined to change his mind. 


Grace: The boss is in town and he wants to take away everything from her. She has a solution and if she can just get him to stay and work with her, there's no way she can't change his mind.

Sean: How did that bubbly redhead rope him into this? He's former special forces, he's tough, his heart softening isn't something he ever planned on.

As Grace and Sean learn to work together a serial killer with a taste for redheads comes to town. Will Sean be able to protect Grace or will the beginning embers of love be snuffed out?

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