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Christmas Mountain RomCom E-Book Bundle

Christmas Mountain RomCom E-Book Bundle

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Cozy up to the holidays with this festive and funny E-book bundle!

Experience love, laughter, and shenanigans in A Christmas Promise, Mistletoe Madness and Jolly Jingle Bells!


Ebook format, 3 books in one file delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device including Kindle.


A Christmas Promise

A pug who loves to eat decorations, a snarky doctor, and a Christmas wedding. What could go wrong?
Snuggle up with this holiday series for heartwarming second chances and laugh out loud shenanigans.

When May is hired to plan a December wedding, she finds more than she bargained for when her client’s brother walks onto the scene. But May has a goal, and it doesn’t involve snarky doctors.

Chris has two great successes in life. One, he’s built a multimillion-dollar company. Two, he doesn’t let women drag him into serious relationships. Then he meets his brother’s wedding planner and his perfectly constructed world is turned upside down.

As May and Chris battle each other – and their feelings – they must find the saboteur who’s trying to undermine May’s plans for the Christmas festival, and keep May’s pug from destroying all the decorations.


Mistletoe Madness

A high school sweetheart, an eccentric aunt, and a hobby farm full of quirky animals. What could possibly go right this Christmas?

High heels and farm animals don't exactly mesh.
Valerie has had a rough six months, so when her aunt invites her to come to her hobby farm in a small Alaskan town for Christmas, Valerie doesn't have much choice but to admit defeat and accept. As if six feet of snow and smelly animals with all sorts of attitude weren't enough, the love of her high school life shows up.

Damon has loved and lost and now he wants nothing but good friends and to continue to work the buffalo ranch that his father passed to him. Then his neighbor calls him over to help her, and he runs smack dab into the first woman who broke his heart. Old embers start to burn, but he’s committed to his family ranch. She would never accept that life...would she?

Can Valerie overcome her past to accept the love and life in front of her? And can Damon find the courage to try again?


Jolly Jingle Bells

Unrequited love, a forgetful grandmother with a walker and a penchant for wandering off, and a criminal hiding in plain sight. Christmas in Alaska is never uneventful.


Jason has longed for Kenzie since elementary school, but a tragic accident has kept them apart for nearly two decades. When a charming man catches Kenzie's attention, Jason realizes that he's about to lose any last chance he'll ever have with her. As the cherry on top of the disastrous holiday season, Jason's grandmother comes to stay with him for Christmas. That's great, he loves her, but she has a penchant for trouble and he's about to get dragged into more of it.

Kenzie loves her family, her horse herd, and the small town that gives her the freedom she desires in life. But when a new man comes to town emotions that she's kept off to the side start surging, and she realizes she has to make a decision between her family and love.


This ebook box-set contains 3 Christmas romantic comedy books, delivered by Bookfunnel, read on any device.

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