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Jesse: Marshals of Aspen Ridge Book 1

Jesse: Marshals of Aspen Ridge Book 1

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Searching for an escaped serial killer

The US Marshals Service is Jesse’s life. To him, entering the courthouse with the murderer was just another day in service, until a bomb changed all that. Now the killer is on the loose and Jesse will do anything to keep him from hurting anyone else.

Hunted by an unknown assailant

Search and rescue trainer Meg was hurt by the serial killer once, leaving her with more emotional wounds than she’d care to admit. When a bomb goes off in the courthouse and he escapes, Meg won’t stand by and let him get away. Her problem? The rugged marshal in charge.


As Jesse and Meg come together to search for the missing killer, they discover they're also being hunted. Will they find their targets in time to stop anyone else from dying? Will the walls they’ve built around their hearts keep them from seeing what’s right in front of them? Or will they lose everything? Dive into Marshals of Aspen Ridge, book 1, to find out!


Jesse, book 1 in the Marshals of Aspen Ridge romantic suspense series, brings you to Aspen Ridge where you’ll find thrilling suspense and heart pounding romance. Download today!


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